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Friday, February 19, 2010

Watch out for the Orca Masters!!!

So you're probably wondering where yesterdays "top ten" topic came from. I don't know it I've mentioned it but I'm a Master swimmer. It has nothing to do with speed or ability, its more age. To join you have to be over 18 and not involved with college or university teams. I joined after coaching with the team for a awhile.

February is "February Fitness", which means you swim as many days out the month or has many yards as you can. It's a lot of fun getting out of bed at 5:00am to meet up with some other die hards for the sake of some good fun fitness. Our teams goal this year is to swim over 3,000,000 yards together. No other team as ever done it and we've won the contest the last two years. We're competing against Master's teams from all over the country.

I'm enjoying the break from running, however, after doing a timed run with my kids again for PE I might get back to some short distances until swim contest is over. I'm definitely one that has to be enjoying fitness otherwise I drop it fast.

This weekend should be a great one. It's the 90th birthday for the Man's grandpa and our favorite aunt flew into town for it. I love a good time with family! Happy Friday!

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