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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top Ten Thursday!

Yep, it was Tuesday, but hey- this week, its Thursday!

Top Ten Reasons to Swim Masters (past college level)

10 There's nothing better than the smell of chlorine in the morning
9 If you want to skip morning practice, your mom won't complain
8 Google lines are a turn on for your spouse
7 Chlorine is cheaper than perfume
6 Cuts down on my shower time
5 Husband enjoys the continuous bikini wax
4 Why limit swim suit season to a couple months of the year?
3 Feel like a little kid again.
2 Who needs "Playgirl" when you can look at old guys in tiny suits
1 You can eat a sundae in front of your constantly dieting friend and not feel guilty

*She might not have been a friend, more like a friend of a friend that I don't love to be around.

We're continuing to battle the cold/flu bug going around our whole house. This weekend is the Man's grandpa's 90th birthday. Should be good times! Swimming lately has actually helped clear out my system, but I still have to find a way to catch up on my sleep :)

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