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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The countdown begins

So when we negotiated with the builders we had to move our closing date to the end of April. So that means I have 16 Wednesdays, hopefully just 15 to get my stuff done. Why Wednesdays you might ask, the Man has school Wednesdays and Thursdays nights and T spends the night at Grandmas on Wednesday. Therefore, I get a lot done. On top of my usual Wednesday night activities i.e. laundry, grading, random pickup I will be attacking these projects-
  • Go through T's toys- it's crazy how much this kid has accumulated over the years.
  • Get an organizing system for T's toys, costumes, tools, puzzles, games, etc.
  • Go through our files- my dad taught me what things are important to keep and how to be organized, I took it a step further and kept almost everything. I want to go through and trash or shred whatever we don't need
  • Organize our CD's and DVD's, I like them in alphabetical order and together- right now CD's are haphazardly but on the shelves and our DVD's are pretty spread out
  • Go through my closet (and the Man's secretly) we all know we have things we keep just because, no more just because keeping
  • Go through my desk, I really don't want to keep our desk it's so bulky so I want to clean that out too
  • Explore a few shops around town for a dining room table and desk- I love the idea of refinishing rather than buying these new
  • Start organizing the packing, it's sad, but typical me- there will be a simple yet efficient system to our moving

That should be pretty good, at least a good start. I have little stuff to get done on our weekends but I like to keep those pretty clear for fun things.

On another note spring wear is coming out. Gap has lots of cute cardigans, tops, and sweaters I would love to snap up. Old Navy and J. Crew is full of cute buys. Yes I realize they are on different ends of the spectrum but a girl has to shop around. I'm realizing that I need to branch out on where I shop. I hate spending a ton on trendy things that only last a couple months but I enjoy being trendy. Any recommendations?

Hope you had a nice hump day!

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