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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

I was so proud to write this on Sunday, but a crazy week made me forget about it. Without further ado-

Top 10 Things I want to accomplish before turning 30!

10. Create the art work for out downstairs- completely from scratch
9. Run at least a 10K
8. Make a Thanksgiving meal pretty much on my own
7. Learn to sew - hopefully along the lines of a quilt but a hem would suffice
6. Travel outside the county with the Man
5. Take T on an airplane ride somewhere (we've gone separately, never together)
4. Learn to change my own oil ( just once will be good enough)
3. Go to at least two more Nascar races with the Man (it sounds a little red neck but we had a blast on our honeymoon going to Bristol)
2. Have another baby ( this one can't all be on me)
1. Be at a school I love, in our completed home (basement included), with a happy family

Of course there are other things, winning the lottery would be great :) , but I wanted to be realistic. The Man and I both created a list last summer of things we want to accomplish throughout our lives. We've hung the lists up and every now and then take a look. Anything exciting you hope to accomplish?

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