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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

So I'm borrowing the idea of list of 10 from Brit over at Dave and Brit plus One

Instead of her list this week, a soundtrack of her life. I had a different idea. These are my top 10 favorite songs on my I-touch right now. I've had to update it know that I'm running more and it helps with the monotony of driving back and forth to work. Without further ado:

Top 10 Songs on My I-touch
10. One Time by Justin Bieber (yes he might be 14 or something but it's a cute song)
9. Cowboy Take me Away (Dixie Chicks, played this at our wedding reception, so sweet)
8. Battlefield by Jordan Sparks ( I LOVE to belt this in my car, love, love)
7. Rock and Roll by Eric Hutchinson (you've heard this, google it if you can't remember it, its worth it)
6. La la La by LMFAO (i loved this since hearing it on the Real World last season)
5. Meet Me Halfway by Black Eyed Peas
4. Live Your Life by TI
3. Sexy Chick by David Guetta with Akon (fun to run to)
2. Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown (yeah, yeah I know the whole Rihanna drama, but he still has other talent)
1. TiK ToK by Ke$ha (odd name, but clicky kinda song)

This is actually a poor representation of what music I listen to, but when it comes to running and mellowing out in the car you need certain music right? What songs do you find yourself singing to in the car?

*One more thing, it hopes of shedding a few (okay 9 lbs) of holiday poundage check out using the Daily plate on the Livestrong.com site. I read about it from Christin over at A Southern, Classy Bride. It's enlightening to know what you're actually eating throughout the day.

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