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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A good day!

So the day started a bit early with a shift at Gap. Where I spotted these items my closet is beckoning for:
I love this skirt. We also have it in khaki, but the camo seems fun and I think I could talk the Man into it, he likes girls in camo (not the actually hunting gear however.) But the khaki would be better for school.
I love a good scarf, and with all the color options- YUM!
When Gap designs a good fit, I like to stock up. These could just be my new favorites. A nice replacement to the Trouser pant from a couple seasons ago.
This is my favorite typical weekend shirt. Simple cotton and so very comfy, love, love these!

When I got home we headed out to find the light fixtures for the house. Then we of course drove by the lot to see if anything was happening AND THERE WAS. I've never been so excited to see spray paint on snow before. Basically they had marked where pipes and buried lines in preparation to dig, an excavator was also at the lot. I know it's not very exciting, but it will be.
We hung around the house, the Man was loading some programs he needed for school. Including Microsoft 7.0 which I guess is very exciting. Even better was that he installed a voice recognition system that allows you to control everything by voice command. It was funny for the first couple of minutes then it was kind of annoying. Worse yet when he tried to voice command me to fold the laundry differently.
We headed out to our fave BBQ place and for some reason stopped over for a slice of pie. Needless to say I'm stuffed! I love being able to hangout and talk, plan or just relax together. But the T man just got home so I'm off. Happy weekend!

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