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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mean girl syndrome!

So there are officially some mean girls in our sixth grade. Name calling, lying, pushing, some back stabbing, it's hit for sure!

I don't know about you but I HATED middle school. It was horrible, I don't even remember what we really learned I just remember how clueless and ignorant the teachers were. There were days I went home and cried. I still remember getting home one day and my mom calling the school and reaming my principal out. Sure she could have handled it better but my mom is definitely not one to mess with. I went to a school where you were a "have" or a "have not". Plus, I went through a super shy, awkward faze. That and my parents were not about to indulge in my need to be fashionable or trendy. If you weren't a cheerleader or basketball player forget it. I wish I was kidding but after talking with some friends since college we have the same memories.

Anyways, that was forever ago. But I see it now with some of our girls and its so sad. Especially now when it's not just in school but through their email and facebook. So I talked with a team mate today and we're going to do something. This has to stop now before they really get lost next year.

Sorry for odd topic, but its crazy these issues never go away. Time to work on tomorrow's post. Monday down, four more days to go :)

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